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Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited - April Newsletter


May Chapter Meeting –


May Meeting will change to the Trout Brook Recreation Facility in Holden then on to the Quinie!


Location: Trout Brook Recreation/Quinapoxet River in Holden


Date: May 6, 2019


Meet in the parking lot starting a 5:30 PM, If you arrive late, go to the Cable pool.


Light snacks will be provided


The May Meeting Agenda:


We will meet in the Trout Brook Recreation’s larger parking lot (just as you enter from the street). You can put a few light snacks in your belly while you are putting on your waders and stringing your guides.




Set aside April 27th for the Annual High School Fly Fishing Championship and the CMTU Banquet.


THE BANQUET - April 27th - Starts at 6:00 PM


Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!!


We will have something for everyone at this year’s banquet. Our CMTU team has been working hard to collect both Fly Fishing and non-Fly Fishing prizes for our Bucket Raffles, Door Prizes and the very popular “Deck of Cards” Raffle.


“Deck of Cards” Raffle - There will be 2!


Deck of Cards Raffle #1 - Bamboo Rod


Phil was able to find a beautiful bamboo rod that casts like a dream. This rod is being updates with very nice reel seat, guide wraps and more. This is a 2 tip, 3 piece rod that would be a fantastic addition to your rod collection.


Deck of Cards Raffle #2 - The Auburn Sportsman’s Club Special


This is what every member of the Auburn Sportsman’s Club dreams about as far as the perfect prize to win at an event like this! But, after talking with several others, many are going to like this raffle.


This starts with a very nice 9’ graphite fly rod for a 5 weight, match with a nice reel and line that is perfect for the Club’s trout ponds (and most trout fishing in New England). Combined with this are the BEST flies for catching the Big One from the wonderful trout pond on the facility.


But there is more! This raffle includes a custom machined pistol case from ATS Cases located in Northboro, MA. This case will be custom designed to match your favorite pistol (or can be used for fly reels). Your special firearm (or reel) will be measured for the perfect fit in these cases that are used for protecting $Million parts for the military. A must have.


50/50 Raffle


We are bringing this ever popular item back to our event. In appreciation for the Auburn Sportsman’s Club support of CMTU, we will be donating the proceeds to the Club for their Trout Stocking Fund. This is just another way for us the say “Thank You”.


Bucket Raffles


We have a stock pile of fine donation for our bucket raffles. These are always a popular item and add excitement to the event. There is something for everyone.


It is never too late to bring a donation for the bucket raffles. We always appreciate your generosity and would put a smile on someone’s face.


The Food:


This is not your typical “Banquet” event food. I’ve been to many banquets, and the food is just something that sits on the plate and leaves you hungry unless the cake is good.


But we have more than good cake! Steve (The creator of last year’s 5 Star Menu) is at it again. He has some wonderful food instore for us this year and the term “Feast” is appropriate. You will love the food and be asking for the recipe as this is does not come from a Can - this is all “Home Made”. He is bringing his Boston based restaurant skills to our party. Do not miss this!


Start the Banquet with Cheering on the High School Fly Fishing Championship. The Banquet starts at 6, but show up early to support the High School Kid’s in their Fly Fishing Championship and the award ceremony at 5:30.


Get Your Tickets Now! If you are not able to attend the meeting, send a note to centralmasstu@gmail.com with your ticket request and we will hold the tickets at the door until shortly after the start of the banquet.




The High School Fly Fishing Championship - April 27th - Starts at Noon


We are holding the MA High School State Fly Fishing Championship right before the Banquet. Come early and cheer on the kids as they put their skills up against others to see who will be the 2019 MA High School State Champion! This event will start at 12:00 Noon and go to 5:00 with awards at 5:30.


The event is open to all MA High School Students, but we offer Casting, Fly Tying and Knot Tying to any and everyone that attend the event - You do not have to be a High School Student to enjoy this event!


This year, we have assembled over a $1000 worth of prizes for the participants with very generous donations from:




Cote’s Fly Shop (115 Manville St, Leicester, MA)




In addition, we will have:


1. Information on how to start a Fly Fishing Club in your school.


2. Hot Dogs, Water and goodies.


3. We will have instruction for all levels of fly fishing skill - with a focus on those who have never held a fishing rod.


4. Filming of the event with a Drone!


5. A lot of FUN.


Come support the kids, get the best seats for the banquet and have some fun at the 2019 MA State High School Fly Fishing Championship!




We have an opportunity for a young girl to participate in Fly Fishing at the National Level - On the US Fly Fishing Team!


We are looking to help find the right 12 to 18 year old girl for this experience of a life time!


You can go to the US youth fly fishing team site or call Cynthia Harkness (617-784-4880) or go on her site, fearlessflyfishing.com, for more information.


For the first time this year , they are sponsoring a girls team ...2019 Northeast “Reel Girls”. There is a clinic in central PA on June 17th -19th. Cynthia is looking for a girl age 12 -18 who is interested in attending the clinic for free ...includes room and board and instruction.The candidate needs to get a letter of recommendation and probably fill out a form or two but the level of fly fishing is not an issue ...beginner to expert.


CMTU can help with this process and provide some instruction before the June event in PA.


Contact me at the High School Event, the Banquet or send me an email at centralmasstu@gmail.com for more information.



We look forward to seeing you and discussing FISH.


Tight Lines,

Peter Sterndale

President, Central MA Chapter of Trout Unlimited



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